Immerse yourself in the seamless fusion of nature, culture, and adventure that Kamogawa City offers – your ultimate destination for an unforgettable and enriching travel experience!

Profile of Kamogawa

Situated approximately 80 kilometers from Japan's gateway, Narita International Airport, and around 70 kilometers from the capital city of Tokyo, Kamogawa City enjoys a favorable location. Despite being part of the greater Tokyo metropolitan area, Kamogawa boasts a mild climate and abundant natural surroundings. Its picturesque coastline and scenic terraced rice fields, reminiscent of traditional Japanese agricultural villages, captivate visitors seeking to immerse themselves in nature.

Municipal Organization

Kamogawa City was established as a municipality in March of 1971, formed through the amalgamation of Kamogawa, Nagasa, and Emi Townships, thus becoming the twenty-third city in Chiba Prefecture. Since its inception, the city has undergone significant transformations. Specifically, the accumulation of public funds for infrastructure development, the stimulation of the local economy, and the implementation of key initiatives have propelled Kamogawa to become one of the most progressive and successful cities in the southern Boso Peninsula. Subsequently, on February 11, 2005, Kamogawa merged with Amatsu-Kominato Township. The newly formed Kamogawa now showcases a harmonious natural landscape encompassing both the sea and the mountains, along with a rich historical heritage linked to prominent figures such as Nichiren Shonin and Minamoto-no-Yoritomo.

A Charming Resort City

Kamogawa is home to the world-renowned aquarium, Kamogawa Sea World, and many historical sites linked to historical Japanese figures. A safe, comfortable city surrounded by nature, Kamogawa has been rated as one of the easiest places to live in Japan.

The warm climate and geographical conditions make Kamogawa perfect for the cultivation of rice, vegetables, fruits, and flowers, and dairy products. In particular, the Nagasa plains are famous for their superior quality “Nagasa-mai” rice, used as an offering at the Emperor’s traditional ceremonies during the Meiji Period. Kamogawa is also well-known for its beautiful variety of flowers grown year-round. The local fishing industry boasts fresh catches of abalone, top shell, shrimp, and other varieties of seafood from the surrounding sea.

Kamogawa also strives to provide its citizens with a comfortable and healthy life. The city provides insurance, medical care, general welfare, and a variety of other services for its residents. Kamogawa is also home to the Kameda Medical Center, a world class medical facility, and well known as one of the top three hospitals in Japan.

A charming resort city blessed with abundant natural scenery, Kamogawa is a mecca for ocean sports such as surfing and swimming, deep sea fishing, and flower gathering.

Birthdate: February 11, 2005
Address of City Hall: 1450 Yokosuka, Kamogawa City, Chiba, Japan 296-8601
Phone : 04-7092-1111
Population: 35,759 (from 2010 National Census)
Surface Area: 191.30 square kilometer
Highest Point: 408.2 meter
Lowest Point: 0 meter