Sato's MUJI Minnami no Sato

Sato's MUJI Minnamini no Sato is a comprehensive community hub comprising MUJI, Café & Meal MUJI, and a marketplace for agricultural and local products, alongside a development studio. Our aim is to create a vibrant gathering place for both locals and visitors to come together and engage with the community.

At Café&Meal MUJI, you can enjoy a wide variety of menus featuring locally sourced vegetables, with simple seasoning that allows you to savor the true flavors of the vegetables. There is also a farmers' market where fresh vegetables arrive daily.

Depending on the season, you can also enjoy agricultural experiences such as strawberry picking and mandarin orange picking.

We aim to foster connections and interactions between visitors, local residents, and producers by showcasing the charms of the region, thereby establishing this place as a hub for addressing local challenges and fostering community engagement.


1696 Miyayama, Kamogawa city, Chiba

For those arriving by car, from National Route 410 or Prefectural Road 34, head south from the intersection of 'Nagasa Chugakko-mae'.



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