Kameda Shuzo

Established during the Horeki era, the company has been producing sake for over 250 years, inheriting the craft from mountain priests. With steady progression, they uphold ancestral traditions, seamlessly integrating novel insights and techniques, generation after generation.

Sake production, crafting of liqueurs, shochu, brewed liquors (doburoku), spirits, and fruit wines.

Each year, Kameda Shuzo garners multiple awards, triumphing in prestigious events like the National New Sake Competition and the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau's Sake Competition.

Kameda Shuzo is the only company in Japan that makes sake dedicated to the Meiji Shrine.


329 Naka, Kamogawa city, Chiba

Hours of Operation

9:30am - 6:00pm

Thursday - Closed


Visit Website  http://jumangame.com/